TROJAN WOMEN at the Greek Cultural Center, Hoyt Avenue South

“Trojan Women is a rare experience which should not be missed. It is a chance to see and hear an example of Greek drama done in its original tongue. This makes an already masterful work even more compelling.” … Professor J Michaels, Kingsborough College

“The depth of feeling within the performances were extraordinary — and some of the finest I have seen. The emotion transcends the language. There were so many moments when I did not need the super titles.” Mary Elizabeth MiCari, staff member of Lincoln Center’s “Light in the Piazza”

“As an author, I was so impressed with the Greek Cultural Center’s respect for the language of the text. They understand theatre and its origins.” … Robert Liebowitz, published & produced playwright.

“Whoever destroys what man holds sacred and holy, only destroys oneself.”
Join the Greek Cultural Center for the stirring final performances of
In its original language with English super-titles for the general audience!

December 9, 10, 11 and 15, 16, 17
Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 7pm
Greek Cultural Center
27-18 Hoyt Ave South

A riveting anti-war play, this work contains a message that transcends time: The consequences of war, regardless of its causes, are devastating to conquerors and conquered alike. The tragedy takes us on the shores of Troy, while the Achaeans are preparing to leave after their ten year ‘victorious’ expedition against the Trojans. The women of Troy – among them Hecuba, Cassandra, and Andromache – await their deportment as slaves. As news of further catastrophes reach Hecuba, she is helpless as her remaining children are being carried off to their ill fates. She remains the last woman standing on the shores of Troy, once a Queen, and now, a slave.

“One sees images of holocausts past and present in this powerful work – from the Nazis to Darfur. A very daring work of art!” … Sue Parker

Admission: $20 – Seniors/Students/Children $15. For more information and reservations please contact the Greek Cultural Center at 718-726-7329 or e-mail
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