Drama-queens under new management: Natasha Dawsen named editor!

From Editor-in-Chief, Sue Parker:

Yelp and Nightlife columnist, Natasha Dawsen, will take over the reigns of

Our entertainment webzine, initially started as a forum for art and culture events in Queens and Long Island but before long, requests came in from all five boroughs and Westchester to cover events, was on hiatus due to staffing issues. Happily, those issues are resolved with the entrance of Natasha Dawsen.

Normally an independent writer for music and theater periodicals, Ms. Dawsen is thrilled to be taking the reigns of our little ‘zine.

“I’ve been looking for a place to write regularly but still get creative input from a team – and along came Sue and Drama-queens, let’s get started!”
says the 27-year-old media professional. “I hope we can not only tell the stories but link to other places cross-promoting events as well as each other.”

From all of us… welcome aboard.

Sue Parker


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