“Déjà Who?” Four Times the Fun

Reviewed by Mary Ann Randazzo

“Déjà  Who” is a four act play with the hopes and dreams of being with the one person we yearn for no matter where in the universe they may be hiding.

A funny, charming and witty play about Heaven, karma and soul mate relationships  — dead or alive — is just the ticket for those interested in the esoteric world. A topic of recent great interest.

dejaEdward Eriksson is a gifted actor as well as talented playwright leaving the audience questioning “is there a Heaven or something more mystical happening on this plane?”   Marc Gettis’ deadpan delivery was hilarious and if I didn’t know that Meg Ryan was still alive I would swear Gabrielle Brown was Ryan’s incarnate, not only does she resemble Ms. Ryan but has that sweet and bubbly manner about her.  Gabrielle is a natural on stage without trying to convince the audience she’s an actress.


Photo Credit: A.G. Liebowitz/WrightGroupNY


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