A TheatreGoer’s Diary: A reading of “The Winter Palace”

A reading of “The Winter Palace”
Ruddy Productions

A TheatreGoer’s Diary by Mary Ann Randazzo

As for the reading, my review is a bit different from the past reviews.  Since this play is still new it could use some tweaking. I wrote the review not to be critical but to be helpful for when it does appear on stage.  Whether or not they take my advice its up to them.  I do appreciate all works of writers (since I am one) and only want the best for them.  I do wish them the best and who knows I may be seeing this on stage next year. 

“The Winter Palace”

Though this was only a reading of “The Winter Palace” I felt I lost something in the very beginning of the play.  I wasn’t sure if the father purposely lit the fire or there was a fire in the house.  Was it an accident or suicide? After that I felt I had a hard time catching up on to what emotions the characters were suppose to feel or at least trying to display.

Also the characters playing the ghost of the deceased father wasn’t believable, my suggestion (I’m not sure if this is written in the play) is to get an actor to play the father.  I know dreams can be chaotic and not make sense, however, in this case the actors didn’t interact with the actor playing the father seriously.  I would think if there was a male actor standing there portraying the father then I would have seen a more realistic conversation. It just didn’t seem like a real father/daughter, boyfriend/father exchange.

As for the Gabrielle and Grace’s relationship, please correct me if I’m wrong, Gabrielle was only hanging around the house to reconnect with Grace. When Gabby had gotten a chance to connect with Grace alone she should have been more persuasive since it was obvious Grace was irritated with her subservient boyfriend, Peter.   This portion of the play could have been delved into deeper since this is one of the skeletons that lived in that house.

The person to keep an eye out for in the future is Sasha Dominy.  I believe this young lady has an acting career in front of her.  She was the most convincing of them all.