REAL good deal.

Jewel Box Theatre @ Workshop Theatre Company
312West 36th Street, 4nd Floor, New York, NY
On Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Real “Real” by Conlan Carter, directed by Paul Morris and Cassandra Lewis; and starring Corrin Carlson, Conlan Carter, Evan Arbour, and Evan Wilberg.

The audience sees three people on stage. It’s divided into two apartments. Sydney sits on the floor and she speaks to Ben. She doubts herself! She doesn’t know why she threw her boyfriend out of their apartment. On the other side of the stage, Aaron stoops on the floor and he folds his clothes with a clothes basket next to him. The activities in both apartment allow the audience to increase its interest in the performance.

Sydney and Ben continue to drink wine. She gives Ben a blow-by-blow report of Justin’s behavior after Christmas in her parents’ home. He tries to pacify Sydney. Sydney reminds Ben that her mother witnessed her confrontation with her fiancé. She tries to clean up a mess on the floor as she seeks advice from Ben. He has his own problems, and he is very secretive about them.

By this time, Justin shows up at Aaron’s place. He wants to smoke his weed in his apartment.
Reluctantly, Aaron allows him to smoke. Both Aaron and Justin get into a heated conversation with a little misunderstand, but they share the weed. However, Justin comes clean with Aaron and he tells him the truth about things Sydney is not privy too about him. Aaron gives him sound advice about coming clean with his situation. In their conversation, Ben’s name comes up. Aaron experiences a mixed emotional feeling.

Sydney tries to get Ben to confide in her as she pesters him with certain questions. She knows about Daniel. Ben evades the question as long as he could before he gives her a reasonable answer. In the other apartment, Justin tells Aaron certain information about Ben. Aaron reveals his secret to Justin about his sleeping arrangement with Ben. The audience gets an earful of a salacious drama. Justin says no one connects with him, and Aaron reminds him that he needs not to overthink his problems. Justin considers himself a rolling stone. They need to settle down to something. Aaron calls Ben immediately. He wants to talk with him.

The writer’s gets his message across because the performance enlightens the audience that one can’t run away from his or her problems. Problems can be solved if and when someone is man or woman enough to let the other person into his or her world. Relationship should be able to withstand the good and bad times. Keeping secrets is a recipe for disaster among couples. I will recommend this show to theatre goers for “Real” is a reality check for couples. It doesn’t get any better than this.