ROBOPOP touches the audience to its core

Jewel Box Theatre @ Workshop Theatre Company
312West 36th Street, 4nd Floor, New York, NY
On Wednesday, November 11, 2015

robopop3 “RoboPop,” Beat Boxer, Arabelle Luke; starring Annemarie Cullen, John de Guzmán, Dana Moore, Louie Pearlman, Patrick Reidy, Megan Reilly, Carolyn Faye Kramer, and Brian Rodriguez.

The audience sees the group on stage, and one of its members solicits a response from it. Each member of the cast portrays specific birds such as a parakeet, a canary, and tweety bird. The canary participates in the Pet store rap scene, and the connotation of a snitch, is someone who sings like a bird, the canary; when he or she finds himself or herself in trouble. A snitch usually gives up valuable information to law enforcement in order to obtain leniency for himself or herself. He or she doesn’t want to do hard time in prison. Also, the Pet store owner guards his birds from the cat.

In the next act, the audience sees the female who just wants to hang out with the opposite sex; but her date, the singer, has an ulterior motive in his mind for her. The audience gets the impression that she doesn’t like his singing. He refers to the woman’s breast as her chest, and she isn’t interested in any of his body parts. He assumes there is an unguarded vagina in close proximity, but the woman gets the last laugh. The audience relishes on the bantering between both of them.

During the Black sheep in the family scene, the audience reflects on its own ghost stories; for it sees Aunt Freda in the cave and identifies with her. Next, the Pet store owner tries to force a woman to kiss a bird, and the bird and the snake speak to her in the store. The animals attack the store owner, and they tell the woman to save them. Confusion erupts in the store, and Garfield the cat eats the bird.

The other scenes in the performance entertain the audience, for they reflect on the struggles of the human condition in gestures and words. The group shows the audience that no genre was off limit in its humor through rap songs.

The group’s performance touches the audience to its core. The Black sheep scene brings home the family dynamic that have plagued so many people and cultures for centuries. I will recommend this show to others especially theatre goers.