Life on Earth via Pluto

Inola on the Aisle

Reviewed by Inola McGuire

The performance that I have seen is “One Way to Pluto” written and directed by Seane Sugrue; and starring Patrick Brian Scherrer, Courtney Torres, John Warren, Myles O’Connor, Mary Tierney, Peter Halpin, and Jenni Halina.


The presentation of this play is an investigation into the nature of truth, and the audience comes away with the knowledge of certain social ills and the collapse in judgement that permeate society.  The audience sees Peter, a man who can’t afford his female escort, and he ends up stealing money from her pocket book after she steps away from the room.  After she returns to the room, Peter pays her with her own money.  Before the escort departs from his place, his landlord comes in to collect the rent from him.   Peter owes his landlord, and he negotiates an extension to secure a place to live.

The play further highlights a level of consciousness with the audience that demonstrates a glimpse of hope when one realizes his or her shortcomings.  Throughout the duration of the show, the audience sees what’s wrong and what’s good in New York City beyond its universal appeal in general.  One has to wonder how many Peters and Dwights, characters in the play, are out there sleeping in Central Park or other locations in the Big Apple because homelessness has become an epidemic.

The writer gets his point across and his message vibrates in the mind of the audience in a very momentous way.  It recognizes the depth of depredation that exist in New York City.  Yet, drug addiction, prostitution, and homelessness are not just confine to this city.  The writer forces the audience to scrutinize and see at least an ounce of truth in and beyond the sphere of human existence.  The audience comes away with a satisfied or motivated spirit to aim for the stars or land on Pluto.

One comment

  1. Ann K · March 25, 2016

    All the actors were wonderful


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