“Corpus” written and directed by Jordan Stovall and starring Griffeth Whitehurst, Victoria Lecta Cave, Thomas DellaMonica, Daralyn Jay, Mike Longo, Michael DeSouza, and Antonio Edwards Suarez.

The audience sees a woman at a podium, and she talks about her deceased husband in a memorial service.  She reiterates how they enriched each other lives.  Next, Matthew is on stage in a confused state of mind, and his friend does not want to hear what he has to say about the visit he got from a ghost.  He tries to get help for his predicament from a professional.  Matthew’s grief overwhelms him, and the audience empathizes with him.  His dead lover haunts him!  He’s unable to move on with his love life.  Michael’s friend needs a little space away from him, and he leaves too.

Michael ventures out from his home, and he goes for a manicure.  The lady wants to know why he is at the spa.  She and Michael start a conversation, and he reveals to her more than what he tells his shrink.  She tells Michael her story.  At his home, Michael tries to cope with his problems, and he sees a man in the mirror.

The lady experiences her own highs and lows with Gabriel, her new love interest; and the audience takes in every scene to its delight.  Matthew interacts with his doctor, and she wants him to be honest with himself.  She wants him to develop coping skills, and he is reluctant to take her seriously.  Matthew finds his new found friend, and she tries to comfort him with kind words.  She gives him her husband’s chain with a pendant and her business card.  The woman goes into labor, and Matthew calls Gabriel for her.

Now, the audience sees Matthew as he sits on the floor.  He looks into the mirror and a man appears, and he talks with him.  They kiss and he leaves.  The same thing happens again to Matthew, and they caress and dance with each other.  The lady comes in with her baby and Gabriel follows; and he takes the baby in his arms.  They are a family.  Matthew goes through his struggles, but he has someone who understands his predicament.

The writer’s message vibrates for the audience’s psyche because some people can’t visualize the mental strain that plagues members of our society.  It is quite alarming when a man or a woman can’t drum up positive support from close friends or acquaintances.  Some people are too self-absorbed to exhibit genuine concerns for others.




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