Good Grade



The Grade


At Jewel Box Theatre @ The Workshop, 312 West 36th Street, 4TH FL. New York, NY

March 7 – 27, 2016

“The Grade” written by Seth Freeman and directed by Mike Keller; and starring Joel Repman, Cherie Mendez, Colin Fisher, and Katie Repman.


This performance begins with the character of Doug as he talks to the audience about the very sensitive subject of sex.  Soon after, one of Doug’s patients, Susan enters; and the audience begins a roller-coaster ride with all of the characters on stage.  Doug’s friend, Ed sees Susan and he wants to explore all possibilities with her.  Ed discusses his intentions with Doug who seems to be tight lip about divulging personal information about his patient to his friend.  Without any substantial help from Doug, Ed takes the plunge and he asks Susan for a date.  She agrees to have dinner with him.  After dinner, she demands that he sets his alarm clock for 7:00 am.


The audience witnesses or assumes that Ed touches the first and second bases with his date, and Susan gives him a blunt feedback about his sexual performance that took the wind out of his sail.  Ed appears to be down on his luck as he interprets and dissects the barely passing grade he receives from Susan.  He consults with his friend, Doug; and he tries to boost his morale without avail.  Susan gets the cold shoulder from Ed, and she wants to know why he’s not responding to her.


Ed confides with Doug’s significant other and she gives away his sexual secret to Ed as a way to cheer him up.  The cat is out of the bag!  Doug plays the revelation off in good faith, and the audience feast its mind on his reaction after Ed uses the buzz word and leaves the stage. Later, Ed and Susan take the bull by its horns, and they try to resolve the misunderstanding between them.  Susan reveals her insecurities to him about not having bigger breasts.  Ed seeks an explanation from Susan about the almost failing grade she bequeathed to him after their night together.  She denies her frank rating of his sexual performance, and her response takes away from his performance anxiety.  They resolve their differences, and one question was asked.  “What time do you set the alarm?”


The writer gets his message across to the audience.  As quiet as it is kept by some people in this society, both men and women want to know if their sexual performance deserve a passing grade.  Sex is a driving force that controls the subconscious mind.


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