Peppy Peppermint


MissPepperMiss Peppermint


At Jewel Box Theatre @ The Workshop, 312 West 36th Street, 4TH FL. New York, NY

March 7 – 27, 2016

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016


“Miss Peppermint” written by and directed by Samantha Grassian; and starring Constance Cooper; Courtney Constantino, Judy Alvarez, David Green, and Sara Jecko.


This play examines the fortitude of the human existence, and the audience looks into the world of Miss Peppermint and how she confides in Maylis.  Maylis’ job at the nursing home allows her to interact with the frail Miss Peppermint who has a lot on her chest to unburden herself.  Maylis becomes the candidate to hear all about the mystery.


Case-in-point, the audience sees Miss Peppermint as she tells Maylis her life story in a few installments before and after her husband died.  It is a cradle to the grave story, but Maylis executes Miss Peppermint’s wishes willingly and she becomes the beneficiary of her estate.  The wealth Maylis inherited from Miss Peppermint did not go to her head, but she agrees with Ms. Rose, the administrator to continue working at the nursing home, as long as she can serve Peppermint tea to a selected few, whenever the need arises.


The writer’s message reaches its audience, for it realizes the importance of unburdening oneself.  Secondly, Maylis becomes a very rich young woman, and the wealth doesn’t change who she really is in terms of character.  Theatre goers can surely learn from this play.


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