The Tenet of Tenants


The Tenants


At Jewel Box Theatre @ The Workshop, 312 West 36th Street, 4TH FL. New York, NY

March 7 – 27, 2016

On Monday, March 14, 2016


“The Tenants” written by Bill Holland, directed by Mark Cirnigliaro, stage manager, Erikka Anderson and starring Serge Thony, Al-Nisa Petty, Jacqueline Guillen, Benjamin Manno and Will Hardyman.


The audience sees Mary in her home washing dishes, and her husband, Bob, walks in and he sits at the table.  Bob announces the impending changes in their home.  They are going to have tenants for they need the money to help with their bills.  Mary objects to the idea!  Their doorbell rings!  The tenants arrive at their premises, and Bob is ready to do business.  Bob collects the rent money from Hugo, the tenant.  Their tranquil home becomes noisy, and the couple brings a dog.  Bob confronts Hugo and Helen, and they call the police for harassment by their landlord.


Bob and Mary are up in arms with their tenants from hell.  Any drastic measures on their part can land them in jail.  Hugo and Helen know their rights.  Mary tries to make peace with them, but Bod wants them out from their home.  The audience feasts on the bantering among all of the characters.  The police tells Bob to use the system to get his tenants out of his home.


Bob retains an attorney who wants $1,000.00, and the process will take three months to get rid of Hugo and Helen.  The audience waits in anticipation for more drama.  The police comes to Bob’s home in plain clothes.  He attends Hugo and Helen’s barbeque, and he dislikes Bob.  Mary takes it upon herself and she gets rid of the tenants.  She informs Bob that there is another tenant.  He’s a drummer!


We can agree that the writer’s message reaches the audience during the performance.  This is a situation that is prevalent in our fair city because of financial hardship that is facing homeowners.  They have to rent out or share their homes with strangers who have their own lifestyles that are not compatible with theirs.  It is a shame that things have become so dismal for hardworking Americans who are trying to maintain a roof over their heads.


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