Words, Words, Words



Word Play


At Jewel Box Theatre @ The Workshop, 312 West 36th Street, 4TH FL. New York, NY

March 7 – 27, 2016


“Word Play” is written by Ron Xia, directed by Florence Le Bas; and starring Charolette Arnoux and Adrian Burke.


The audience sees Esme on stage as she picks up a sheet of paper with the word TOSKA written on it.  She clips it on a string with a clothes pin.  She speaks to herself in front of the curious audience like she is speaking to a man before she dials a telephone number.


Soon after, Esme stands next to Icarus!  The audience surmises there is a relationship between them.  They meet at a train station and their dialogues inform the audience of their impending actions along with their likes and dislikes in films.  Icarus has a limited time to live and he wants Esme to travel with him.  Esme has a career as a banker and she has a decision to make before long.


Esme and Icarus interact with each other on stage as a couple should in normal circumstances. They reminisce about their lives and their career choices.  He tells her about a memorable vacation his parents took with him and his brother before their divorce.  He wants to visit St. Augustine in Florida, and he can’t do it by himself.  Icarus wants Esme on board for his trip up the east coast of the United States.  They post cards of sightseeing locations on the wall from Florida to Maine.  Key West, Florida Keys; I64 Richmond, VA; I83 Baltimore, Maryland; I87 New York and I91 Boston, MA.


Esme’s is a French national and she has to think about her immigration status.  Her time to stay in the US is limited.  She decides to travel with Icarus, for she has to help him with his fading memory.  The audience sees their interaction with a rubric cube, and she drives part of the way.  It’s a term of endearment for her, and she prevails on their road trip with a few glitches.


The writer gets her message across to the audience, for it sees a couple who turns an ordinary situation into a meaningful and memorable experience.  Esme puts Icarus’ first instead of her own.  It is a cool thing to do!  How many people are willing to be selfless in this rat-race world?


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