INOLA @ MITF: The Post Modernist


“The Post-Modernist” written by Mona Curtis, directed by Maria Aladren, stage managed by Erin Galvin; starring Lacey Andreanszky, Darian Bencosme, Casey Chartier, John Gryl, Eric Holzer, Gabriel Spector, Brett Temple, and Hailey Turiello.

The audience sees a few office professionals on stage, and it is not hard to figure out who is in charge.  It is a concrete jungle out there!  The interaction among the members of the group peaks the audience’s interest to predict the fate of the weakest link.  The leader verbalizes the company’s objective as he rehearses the need for intellectual cleaning in the workplace.  Each professional gives his or her interpretation of office politics before the adjournment of the meeting.

At the next group meeting, the audience realizes the new seating arrangement and the game playing between two of the ladies.  The most docile of the group eats her snack and she falls on the floor.  The other members of the group refuse to help her.  Before the police arrives, the audience sees when one of the employees concedes to the elimination of one.  The police shows up and he has a few question for the others.  One of the coworkers volunteers information to the police that the deceased choked on popcorn.

By now the audience and the police await another response from the treacherous few.  The police wants answers and he decides to make a pertinent statement.  He says to the group that it seems as though someone here could have helped her.  The caller of the 9-1-1 call gets arrested by the police.  The death of one coworker and the arrest of another generate some confusion among the other members of the group.  The caller gets her day in court!  This scene touches the audience and the truth prevails.

The writer gets her message across to the audience.  It shows that there are always those people who enjoy creating havoc in the workplace.  The world in which most people live is the killing field for unscrupulous people whose sole purpose is to divide and conquer others.

Reviewer’s point of view:  Life imitates art and one has to be very careful in his or her place of employment.  Most people want to associate with coworkers who share the same value system with them.  It pays to keep on learning new things because being stagnant is a death sentence for some people.




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