Inola @ MITF: Grey Is the New Black

“Grey Is the New Black” written by Jay Michaels and Mary Elizabeth Micari, directed by Jay Michaels and Mary Elizabeth Micari; musical direction by Dan Furman; starring Dave Richards, Christine Conway, and Emmy Pai.

The audience notices three employees in an office setting at their desk, and one of them makes the announcements on the completion of files #364, #365, and #366. There is an impending consolidation of companies, and one of the employees gets creative and she lives out her fantasy.

She imagines that she and Mario are in a relationship, and she dances to the music in a very sensual manner. Emma flaunts what she has to show the world with the audience.

There is a consensus among the employees that consolidation is not good for their line of business. They reevaluate their career options in songs and with their own backstories. The audience realizes that the workers on the job need to reduce their levels of stress, and it surmises that the employees have to find a way out of their current employment.

Dave shares his story with the audience as to how he became an employee at his present job. He recognizes that there is nothing permanent. He tells the audience all about his life before his existing employment which reminds it about the on-going transition in life. He hints a fond appreciation for his grandfather, for he recognizes his contribution to his family.

Emma gives the audience a passionate detail about her career choice before she migrated to the United States of America, and she talks about the ups-and downs in her personal life. Her words of wisdom resonate like music to the ears for the audience.

Catherine’s story entertains the audience about her earlier years as an actress and her job opportunities, and it sees a real prospect for her if she considers acting as her next career choice.

Her performance on stages speaks for itself, and she has what it takes to make it.

These employees empower themselves and they reorganized their plans for pre-retirement buy outs. There is power in numbers! The audience pays close attention to the three performers who have what it take to foster a positive transition in their lives.

The writers get their message across to the audience. The show lets it be known that there is nothing more temporary than a permanent job. The theatre goers become aware that their career shelf life can be prolonged with adequate skills, training, and opportunities.

The reviewer’s point of view: It is always expedient to update ones skills regardless to how confident and secure the employment maybe on the surface.


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