Angelica Adams: Sending good vibes your way.

14322434_1197912360252195_2205433919988891482_nAngelica Adams has loved the stage since singing with her twin brother on their living room radiator cover at 7 years old. Her range is eye-opening, going from Mimi in Rent to Gertrude in Hamlet (and even Peter Pan). Angelica is elated to join the legacy of LINE for the 50th Anniversary production of LINE opening October 17 at the 13th Street Repertory Theater. She’s also a beauty consultant for CHANEL … way-cool! 

We grabbed her in between rehearsals and consultations…

“I want a stable career  where I continue to do work that I believe in and enjoy and promotes growth in my personal and working life. However, I want most to bring an honest sensitivity to a uncommunicative, growingly desensitized world through my world. If I couldn’t do this, maybe I’d be a flight attendant, dabble in the music industry, stay with CHANEL… but regardless, I’d want the world to remember me as a light, someone who brighten up the world just a little bit more.  As a woman who was passionate, honest and a hard worker. I want to be someone who help the world continue to grow. Thank you for this opportunity to chat with you today and I hope you come to the 13th street theatre to see LINE! Sending good vibes your way.”




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