SHARON SHAHAR,  guest writer

If you’re tired of the overpriced, overrated fare being served up on Broadway these days, march over to the 13th Street Repertory Theater for Israel Horovitz’s “LINE”, now celebrating its 50th year as New York City’s longest running off off broadway play.   There’s a reason for that.

Under the fast-paced, cleverly “choreographed” direction of Jay Michaels, this absurdly witty and humorous dramedy crosses all boundaries of human nature.  It begs the question, what would we do to prevail, be first, nab that coveted place in the hierarchy of society?  But when those questions are put to a lot of unseemly, desperate losers they provoke some outrageous antics and near insane behavior.

Brady Richards (Stephen) mesmerizes as the smug, very young braniac who has all the answers without even knowing the questions.  You admire and despise him at the same time, all the while puzzling over his desperate desire to be first without even knowing why it matters.

And so it goes with the rest of the very talented cast from Robert Gottlieb as the frustrated Fleming to Angelica Adams as the saucy seductress, Molly, who cuckolds her complacent husband, Arnall (masterfully portrayed by Mario Claudio) and, finally, Conor Mullen as the greedy, self-serving Dolan who we are dying to see fall on his face.

“LINE” weaves moments of hilarity into a potentially tragic human condition – the need to be number one no matter what the price.  Horovitz’s biting farce enables us to laugh at these mortal flaws, thereby helping us to see them more clearly and, quite possibly, indeed hopefully, erase them entirely.





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