Eva Heinemann, editor-in-chief of Hi Drama! reviews “Falsehoods, Fallacies & Fairytales”

Eva Heinemann, editor-in-chief of Hi Drama! attended
Step1 Theatre Project’s Falsehoods, Fallacies & Fairytales: Unusual Christmas Stories
Written by Ashley Lauren Rogers
Producers, Jazmyn Arroyo & Janelle Zapata
with the following cast: Lara Fox, Jason Michael Dick, Sam Lopresti, Jazmyn Arroyo, Dana Searing, Gabriel Spector, Yvette Chin, Vivian Aladren, Sara Minisquero, Samantha Glovin, Darian Bencosme, Mateo Lamuño, and Lacey Andreanszky

Ashley Lauren Rogers’ “Falsehoods, Fallacies & Fairytales: Unusual Christmas Stories” is a collection of rather skewered stories all introduced by Claire (Lara Fox) who was given “The Illustrated Xmas Sweater” by her husband and daughter and it has taken over her life with its persistence in setting up stories. A mysterious shadow hovers nearby. It’s directed by Janelle Zapata.

“Lap Dance for the Invisible Man,” directed by Janelle Zapata, is an unusual bachelor party (Jason Michael Dick, Sam Lopresti) in Las Vegas with an unconventional stripper (Jazmyn Arroyo).
“Becky’s Christmas Wish,” directed by Benjamin Abraham, is about a horrid child (Dana Searing) horrifying a poor working elf (Gabriel Spector) with her wish.
“Black Lipstick,” directed by Benjamin Abraham, turns the tables where a single Mom (Yvette Chin) wants to go out but the daughter (Vivian Aladren) disapproves of her outfit.
“The Mall Satan,” directed by Janelle Zapata, has Satan (Sara Minisquero) turning up instead of Santa to entertain the kiddies and the manager (Samantha Glovin) is appalled trying to get rid of her but some buttons get pushed along the way.
“Brocreation,” directed by Maria Aladren, is a sci-fi “Terminator” type story. Randy (Darian Bencosme) is bombarded with everyone trying to bang him so they (Mateo Lamuño, Lacey Andreanszky, Sara Minisquero ) can determine the future.


This was silly, startling, and sometimes even stirring. The cast threw themselves into their roles with verve and vim no matter how preposterous or poignant.

Some stories had more to do with celebrations than Christmas but they were all so well told with such surprising endings that I had a wonderful Christmas time. I can’t wait to see what Ashley Lauren Rogers comes up with next. She is a real talent and she got a terrific group of people to pull off her Falsehoods, Fallacies & Fairytales.

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