Have Mercy! Carol Beaugard “nurses” the role.

carol-beaugard-head-shotCarol Beaugard makes her fourth appearance at the American Theatre of Actors AND her fourth time working with director Laurence Schwartz, but her maiden voyage in a Navarra opus. She creates Nurse Mercy, who, to two mental patients, is exactly that … Mercy.

She appeared Off Broadway in “Jackie Mason, the Musical” last summer and – even more historic than Mason, she portrays Mary Todd Lincoln in ‘Monumental Mysteries’ this season on The Travel Channel.

So. Mrs. Lincoln, how is the play?

I’m inspired by nature and music. I find magic even in just walking down a street and seeing the tilt of a dog’s head, how snow rests on the branches of leaves and all forms of music, particularly traditional American music, classical music and world music.
What do you want most in your chosen profession?
I want the opportunity to work on a variety of roles, especially in roles that empower women, particularly minority women. I’m best known for comedy and I’d love to appear in a sitcom or film with women over 40 of diverse backgrounds as a focus. I also sing and was a professionally renowned bluegrass/country music radio DJ for years and am working on a script profiling one of the music’s pioneering women (more details coming after it’s copyrighted). I look forward to booking my first national tour, my first national commercial, getting my Equity and SAG cards and appearing on Broadway.
Last words?
Did you feed the cats?

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