elizabeth-m-069-webElizabeth Meinders is making her New York stage debut in Lynn Navarra’s new play, LEAVING LANNAHASSEE. Photogenically speaking, you can currently see her in ad campaigns for everything from Vita Coco and Clarasonic to the Center for Prevention of Child Abuse. Movie credits include upcoming horror flick, Rock, Paper, Scissors. We wanted to get a few words of wisdom from her on the eve of her opening.  

We hear a lot about inspiration – or Muse – that drives an artist. What inspires you?

My inspiration is people. I could people-watch for hours. Growing up my mom and I would people-watch while we were walking down the street or watching from restaurant windows, making up what they were saying or doing. I still do that walking down the streets today. Everyone lives in their own little world and it’s fascinating to try to figure out how those worlds work, as an actor.

What do you want most in your chosen profession?

I’m moved to laughter or tears pretty easily, and that’s no exception when it comes to watching movies or going to see theatre. My goal as an actor is to give that back-to give those moments full of emotion back to audiences. To give people an escape or to bring them together for one brief moment.

Last words?

Yikes. I plan to live forever…… Alright, but if I had to chose last words, they would be from this play. “What a day, buddy buddy. What a day.”



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