After a “Fest”ive summer, Lucy Apicello settles into a challenging role.


After bouncing between rehearsals for the MITF and NY Fringe (making her feel like a reeeaaaallll working actor) Lucy Apicello commands the stage in Leaving Lannahassee, currently enjoying a celebrated run at New York’s American Theatre of Actors.

“I find frequent inspiration in my first love, which is music, and in my hometown of New York. Put the two together and you’ll get the artist who has inspired me since childhood, Barbara Streisand, the original Queen B. Part of my pre-show prep is to listen to Babs. And what I want most in my chosen profession is to consistently do good and rewarding work. Anyone can become recognizable and famous: I actually prefer it when people I’m meeting for the first time after a show say, “That was you?” Wow!”

And her famous last words… “See you at the call back!”




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