(Last) Station (Intriguing)

Review by Sara Murphy

iconsquare18A722E0-F36E-5214-7913AD9F2160D94EThe (Last) Station is a show involving five character one of which really wants to go to the ocean. The show starts off with all the character coming into the space with a backdrop of an oceanic scenery with a bridge. The characters are all wearing costumes of a creamy white/off white type of color. They have white makeup on their faces and black makeup under their faces to make them look hollowed out.

In the first five minutes of the show a loud voice booms overhead saying the word “Tiramisu.” This voice comes multiples times throughout the show scaring the characters. The show seems to center along with an odd type of place where the people do not have an understanding of where they are or what to do.

A lot of characters repeat the same thing whether it be a sentence or a movement. Every character has their own personality and all the actors shine through it. There’s not a moment I do not believe that they are not in character.

The set design is beautiful especially the backdrop of the ocean. All the character costumes seemed to be thought out for each of their personality. The show ends with the character never being able to go to the ocean and all of the character going through a hole of what the scenery used to be for the Ocean. There is a fun musical number and thought provoking things about how we think of reality.

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