A Message in Protest, A Tale of Abuse, and a romp in aisle two!



Karolina Wolyniec at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity

It was a great time watching A Philosophical Protest. Here we meet Camilla Crawford as a woman protesting life and God. While sitting there, a man walked by her and sat with her to kept her company to figure out what she was actually protesting. A well-blended blend of funny to serious, dealing about her crisis with love, loss, and whether this man she didn’t know was a meeting of … fate. While chatting, they noticed they were both on the same page and point on life … that it’s hard … what a surprise.They wanted to protest God because he is usually the main decision maker and wanted to give them a sign. By meeting one another and liking each other, they didn’t know if that was a sign of fate or coincidence. Towards the end they both spend a lot of time together, and noticed that if people are together then there is a bit more meaning to life. I enjoyed the varied accents making the message more diverse in a subtle way. Volume became an issue here and there but both actors gave us confidence and strength.

Planet Connections’ production of The Big Mart – about how sale associates are treated in big supermarkets – was brilliant. It concerns a dedicated intern who did everything like a Big Mart sales associate would do such to help customers find where something is; give them advice; know rules and regulations of the store; etc. The play explored corporate backstage machinations complete with social climbing staffer, the over sexed manager, and of course the international buyer. This play was awesome, with powerful acting and a take-no-prisoners script.  really enjoyed watching this play, it gave me a learning lesson. Next time I’m in Walmart … I need to read between the aisles.

Leading the pack of productions was Rising Sun’s Glory of Living. This play was about physical abuse in a marriage. It was about a 15-year old girl that falls in love with a guy twice her age and married him. She had two beautiful girls with him and everything seemed great until the abuse came into picture. This play was outstanding – powerhouse acting and a truly gripping script.

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