Review by Altonya Longmore

See You At The Funeral featuring Tova Katz, directed by Tricia Broukis


A solo musical comedy about Dina, a gay woman with an answer to everything… doesn’t mean they’re true or valid … but she DOES have an answer. At first, you might consider her aggressive – even obnoxious – but beneath her layers, she had been hurt much like everyone else in this world.

It was that hurt that touched the souls of the entire crowd – even me.

Dina’s voice was so beautiful that one could not help but shed tears. I could feel them build up in my eyes. Her voice was absolutely captivating. A voice like hers made us feel connected to her in a unique way. It was as if she was our guardian angel singing away our sorrows. Her lyrics told a story that made me forget my troubles. And I wasn’t alone.

This lively piece is more than a must-see … it’s a must feel.

See You At The Funeral featuring Tova Katz is part of the 15th Anniversary season of the Fresh Fruit Festival

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