Fresh Fruit Fest births “All Mixed Up”


Rachel Rocano reviews

All Mixed Up focuses on testing the abilities of an interracial lesbian couple… or maybe just the pregnant one.

It seems that love and trust is not as easy as it seems … for them. The premise concerns the couple initial decision to have a mixed-race baby but when it is revealed that the donor is one person and not a mystery …

The script was both funny and poignant with messages evident and for the coffee shop discussion later. The ensemble cast was superb: Habi Coulibaly as the pregnant Beth; Ana Marie Calise as her partner, Carrie; with Jordan Fassina, as Ada; and Andre Ozim, as Daniel. The coffee shop discussion will include Beth’s over-dramatized delivery – too much? Not if you’re pregnant. It’s a challenge to play “hormones.”

This really enjoyable piece gave us yet another avenue to explore when looking at 21st century relationships, and no better place than the Fresh Fruit Festival. If something doesn’t go your way, accept, if you really love your partner.

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