All you need is love.

at the Midtown International Theatre Festival


Kevin Clancy wrote a powerful tome drenched in realism with “Difficult Transition.” Leading the charge in defense of the transsexual making a case suitable for all to understand. Not contrived, Clancy’s prose showed palpable pain.

We meet a “woman” no longer having to worry about meeting a guy because of how “man” made her feel about herself. At first “man” didn’t know her secret until the end of their first date. For some reason “man” still wanted to be with her. One day they both decided to get more serious and take it to the bedroom. Although “Man” knew about her secret he still freaks out and is now hesitant, but when “man” sees the hurt in “woman” his preconceived notions fade away. Bottom line, love is not sex.

Transition is at its core romantic. It made one feel like there is love everywhere no matter who you are. The characters are engaging and identifiable. Edward Maxwell and Mariana Genesio Pena performed with grace and power. Both “man” and “woman” were very passionate and faithful to the text. Bottom line, love is not sex. Modern thoughts in a romantic bow. I loved every bit of it.


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