Give till it hurts.

Ashley Khan reviews The Gay No More Telethon
at the Midtown International Theatre Festival

gaynomore2 (1)This magnificent parable of a man named Vernon Jackson and his “The Gay No More Telethon,” was an eye-opener.

The plot: Vernon Jackson feels if you do not attract the opposite sex you will not be sent to heaven. He raises forty million dollars to change all the homosexuals. Being so against it he would do anything in his power. As well as being religious he believed God told him to make it happen. After realizing all the change and hurt in this world he then came to realize he was wrong. Vernon Jackson came to a conclusion that love is love. No matter the gender. There is too much chaos in this world that getting rid of love would only make it worse. We need more love!

Seeing The Gay No More Telethon made me realize exactly that, there isn’t enough love. It is an eye opener because no matter who you are at the end of the day love is love. This plays tops my list of MITF productions this year. The abundant talent – both as actors and singers – was top-notch.


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