He said, she said.

Rachel Rocano reviews The Diplomats at the Fresh Fruit Festival 

19905085_1394957060554209_4575018749620549295_nConsidering our now-immersed-in-politics world, one might imagine The Diplomats was going to be about an ambassador, in an America that deals with problems and tries to solve them by being understanding and empathizing.

The Diplomats was about a group of close friends, Carlos and Gary, having a reunion in their friend, Annie’s, apartment – two days before election night 2016. Carlos and Annie are still close but Annie seems to dislike Gary and doesn’t want him to come over. Throughout the show, the three friends have political disagreements and don’t understand each other’s perspectives – due to their ardent political allegiances. At the end, light at the end of the tunnel is implied.

Annie’s point of view is based on her personal lifestyle and background. Annie says that Carlos tries to hide the fact that he is Latino, and thinks because he has a rich white sugar daddy, he can get away from reality. Further, Annie is certain that Gary is voting for “him” because he said that he isn’t with “him or her” and she implies that if you aren’t with “her” you are obviously with “him.” Carlos, later in the play, confesses that he voted for “him.” Predictably this caused a plot-ending battle.

This play provided strong political commentary on a personal level but fell short in engaging it audience. We are in a time when verbal civil war is prevalent thus dampening the entertainment value of any project using it as its focus.



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