Telling an UNTOLD tale.

Wrda Hussain reviews UNTOLD at the Midtown International Theatre Festival

UNTOLDCarry Farrows’ production of Untold combines varied tales split into little arcs. Each arc expresses a different situation that women all over the world face. This production raises awareness about abuse and the tragedies faced by women. The first arc starts off with the actress, Gina Hughes, creating a video letter to her ex-boyfriend, Bryan, containing explicit language to express her feelings towards him. The second arc tells a story of an unhappily married women who regrets being with her husband and wishes for a “happier” life but fails to break the bond with him. The third act tells a story of a Swedish woman in a bar craving attention from men and wondering what is it about her that repels men. The fourth arc tells a rape story between a father and her daughter, her little daughter failing to recognize her fathers’ wrongdoing and creating this false illusion that it’s because her father loves her. The last and final act focuses on a teenagers’ will to wait around for her boyfriends’ text. The messages of these little arcs ultimately fall under the umbrella that expresses how women are treated and really gives the audience an insight about abuse they go through.

While Gina Hughes takes on multiple roles that convey a strong message to her audience (teenager, woman in a bar, married woman or little girl) her acting seemed unconvincing and awkward. The predictable humor didn’t help matters. The dialogue can’t be faulted but it was the delivery that didn’t measure up. Strong production values like realistic properties and excellent costuming made for an entertaining evening, just not an enthralling one. Credit should surely be given for tackling such subject matter.


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