Another teacher at MITF

Altonya Longmore reviews

annes-planMiss Anne’s Plan is a documentary-style play about a woman who decided to pursue her career in education and faced many challenges as she tries to do what she loves. As she moves from position she realized that no matter where she is, there will always be some obstacles. They are inescapable. She first worked at a public elementary school in the ghetto and was astounded when she came to discover that one of her students that she truly cared about was being abused. When she realized that there was nothing she could do to take these children out of their predicament, she left because she couldn’t bear experience this for much longer. She then decided to only work with the wealthy and healthy students in good neighborhoods.

Being around the age of her students, I find I can relate. I’ve been to difficult schools and I’ve missed my own drama teacher.

This was an excellent production, peppering the drama with much-needed humor. I really enjoyed it but my only qualm is here imitating accents … they all sounded the same. In this PC world, that can seem insulting. Forgiving that, the piece was well-done.


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