Killing his mother well.

Wrda Hussain reviews Hanoch Reim’s production of Why I Killed My Mother

Theater photographyThis play follows a story about the harsh relationship between a teenage boy and his mother. Throughout the play we are shown the conflicts that arise in this mother-son relationship. This production captures the essence of the hardships faced by a child due to negligence of a parent. Dor Zweigenborn is able to incorporate his humor as well as portray resentment and hatred towards his own mother.

Dor Zweigenborn is able to mimic various roles to portray his father, mother and his little sister all the while keeping the storyline flowing. In this play he’s able to act out various roles through action only. I found his impersonation of a westerner to be accurate, humorous and well delivered to his audience. The playback music influenced each scene allowing the audience to acquire a profound sense of feeling of each act. The clothing was basic, a simple button down with jeans, which I believe added realism to his role. What I found very interesting about this play were the small little impersonations he did that in a sense, replicated Charlie Chaplin’s style, mirroring a silent film. I think that that was very fascinating to watch, just seeing the actor carry out various actions and being able to perceive what he’s doing without dialogue, I just found it to be very interesting and, in my opinion, was the best part of the production .


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