SELF YELP might not get five stars on YELP

Wrda Husain reviews SELF YELP at the MITF

Video and FilmDoug Widick’s production of Self Yelp follows a series of Yelp reviews that showcase one’s opinion on various places. The first Yelp review is about a furniture store, the second, follows a golf course where an accident occurs, the third, is at a restaurant, the fourth is at a doctor’s office and the last and final one is on “Yelp heaven”. This production conveys a different outlook into the 21st century where one’s opinion affects our judgment on place and or things.

Helene Ellford and Emily Thomas both had great energy, powerful tone and effective meaning. They gave depth to the storyline. Unfortunately, the humor was stereotypical and predictable, making the play and the acting seem forced.  and became boring. The use of the phrases such as “say woke” and “hash tag” seemed out of place. The costumes were basic and casual.

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