The Homeless at-home at MITF

GriotyWrda Hussain reviews Platform Griot

Pharah Jean-Philippes production of Platform Griot captures the essence of a life as a homeless person living in New York City. Baindu D. Kalokoh plays said-homeless woman in this solo show where the audience gets a sense of feel of how life is through the eyes of the destitute. The audience is taken through a vast journey to view her life before and after losing her home. We are told the things she experienced, the relationships that faded, the disputes that arose in the streets and her home and how she came to be where she is now. It truly gives us a new – and true – outlook and encouraged us to look at the homeless differently, not as something below us but as people of the same worth as us.

Baindu D Kalokoh was very empowering. The switch between characters was accurate and her oration and demeanor suited each role. Costuming was accurate added realism to her role. She wore various layers of clothes that had rips and stains. The props added further starkness to each scene such as the bag full of empty plastic bottles, a cardboard sign asking for money and a small coffee cup used to collect change. The stories she told throughout the play were relatable and made her character come alive.

This production does a great job at displaying the homeless in a different manner. Usually when we look at the homeless we see people who’ve lost everything and we don’t think much of it but in reality they were once like us living regular lives, going to work, having a family and this play does an amazing job at displaying that.

In just forty-five minutes this production was able to give its audience a different outlook on the homeless.

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