Love and Nothing was really something!

Love and Nothing
Rachel Ricano reviews

mitf17-summer3 (1)Love and Nothing, written by Kacie Devaney, featuring Julie Voshell, Will Marks, and Ms. Devaney under the excellent direction of Stephen Singer, is a play within a play about a love triangle. Kaitlin and Jeb are in love and their friend Julie loves them both. The three of them rehearse a part of their play with questions of love, nothing, and religion. Love and Nothing questions life and what you do in your lives. They have their own original dances to a good choice of music.

This play was funny and entertaining in every day, it was dramedy … mastering both serious and silly with even strokes. Their choice of music was great and was good for setting the mood of the play. The dancing was a good touch to the play because it was very random in a funny way. Love and Nothing was casual and relative to today, as it dealt with religion and love for all people and questions life.

In the end, Kaitlin and Jeb admit their love for each other and want to marry one another and Julie decides to marry them and be their “child” because they all love each other very much and want to be close like family. there’s a twist!

They had a love triangle (in a certain way) they wouldn’t live and love without each other because they’d have nothing or feel like nothing without love.

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  1. EUGENE Flynn · August 28, 2017

    Interesting review


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