Two Gents get Four-Stars

Two Gentlemen of Verona

Reviewed by Ashley Khan

Verona-900x675Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona is one of his more clever and powerful comedies, made even more engaging by some excellent work by director Ariel Leigh and stage combat master, Michael Hagins.

When Valentine arrives to Milan he meets Silvia and automatically falls in love with her. Proteus, as well, travels to Milan leaving his partner Julia behind. Proteus then realizes he’s in love with Silvia. Knowing that he’s betraying best-friend, Valentine’s trust, he still continues to fall in love with her more. Julia being the best partner that she is visits Proteus realizing that he’s in love with Silvia. Both Valentine and Julia are angry and confronts Proteus. Proteus than realizes that he loves Julia and forgets about Silvia. Valentine as well forgets and continues his love for Silvia. The simplicity of the temptation and infatuation make this relatable and enjoyable without a glossary.

The terrific ensemble of actors made for an energetic and enjoyably evening with particular praise to the “two gentlemen,” Daniel Pascale and Dylan J. Sampson, for clever word play and perfect sword play as staged by Michael Hagins. Kudos to Beth Devlin, Erin Patrick Miller, Isaac Allen Miller, Noah Parks, Annika Gullahorn,  Vanessa Schanen, Vanessa Wendt, and Michael Whitten.

The C.A.G.E. Theatre should be praised in general and particularly noted for their powerful attention to character and stage detail.


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