September Spotlight on Women in the Arts: Two Shining UVXamples of talented professionals:


Why do we have two in one spotlight – they’re playing twins!

UVX, the newest and most daring production … no, not just a production but an entertainment event, presented by Luxury Universal e[X]perience, is hitting New york by storm. Their opening party includes taking contest winners on a cruise around New York; they are a major sponsor of events at ComicCon and they have taken one of the largest off-Broadway houses for the thrill ride called UVX.

We grabbed Katelyn Leveille first … not playing favorites … then Erica and heard what members of the cast of this wild theatrical experience thinks of the arts.

HEADSHOT (1)Tell us about yourself as an actor.

I started acting when I was in elementary school. I always knew that’s what I waned to do when I grew up. I went to college in Connecticut and received my BA in Musical Theater. My favorite genre is comedy, but preforming in Holme was a great opportunity to test out my more serious side.

How was it to be part of a new cinematic experience. What’s different about it? Is this the wave of the future?

It was a lot of fun to be apart of a new cinematic experience. It was actually 110% more fun than any film I have ever worked on.

Tell us the difference – to you – between acting on film and acting on stage? What’s better?

There are a few differences between acting on stage and acting for film. Acting on film is much more up close and personal with a camera in your face. You also have more than one chance to try different things. On stage you are live and only have one opportunity to do your best. You also have to do everything bigger and louder so that everyone in the audience can see and hear you. My degree is in musical theatre so I grew up mostly doing stage, it will always be my dream to be on Broadway, but I don’t think that one is better than the other. I thoroughly enjoy both.

What do you imagine UVX and Holme will accomplish?

I hope that people will be able relate to the stories and overall just have a fun time.

What’s next for you?

As of right now I am still doing some work for LUX, but I’m also out auditioning, hopefully I will still be acting, I’d love to work on another movie or be in a musical.

… and a word from Erica Twiss



Tell us about yourself as an actor.

Wow. I’m not even sure where to start. What an open ended question. I started acting at  an early age and have known it was what I wanted to do for a career ever since. My concentration in college was actually vocal performance, so I have a music degree and that classical musical theatre world is kind of my wheelhouse. Before Holme I had recently come off of a production of My Fair Lady playing Eliza, so the film was a big change of pace. It was actually my first feature film (thanks LUX) so I was really excited to jump at the project.

How was it to be part of a new cinematic experience? What’s different about it? Do you think it’s the wave of the future?

It was amazing! Our saying at LUX is that it’s 110% more fun and I think that says it all. As for what’s different, well, you’ll have to come by our screenings and see. I don’t want to spoil anything but it very well could have the potential to be the wave of the future.

Tell us the difference-to you-between acting on film and acting on stage. What’s better?

Well the stage is my first love. There is something so rewarding about being in the same room with your audience. You all get to experience the same story with the same characters together. I don’t really know of anything in the world quite like that. When you go to the cinema (at least before UVX) you get to bond as an audience but you have a disconnect from the performers. In the theatre that doesn’t exist so much. If something goes wrong there’s no editing room. You all get to experience that together; everyone is in on the joke. All that being said though, film has it’s own rewards. It’s demanding in a different way. I don’t know if I could honestly quantify which experience is better.

What do you imagine UVX and Holme will accomplish?

I mean, they’re revolutionizing cinema as we know it. Nothing should ever be the same. I think people will wonder how they went so long without a cinematic experience like this one.

What’s next for you?

I’m still privileged to be working with LUX in certain capacities but as far as what happens after that? Who knows. I’m doing the actor auditioning thing and I’m starting to coach dialects on the side. Hopefully Holme opens some professional doors for me as well. Every actor hopes that each new project they do will beget more work so that’s pretty much where I’m at right now.


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Luxury Universal e[X]perience turns fantasy into reality in HOLMÉ
The FILM: HOLME: Where You Go When Reality Doesn’t Work
starring Katelyn Leveille, Erica Twiss, and Jason W.D. Morris as twin sisters and their adopted brother; Mario Claudio (LINE) as their deceased father; and Theresa McCarthy (HOUSE OF CARDS) as their delusional mother.

LUX presents Holmé in UVX


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