RED – handed with Ingrid Oslund

The 16th Season of the Fresh Fruit Festival promises to be a great one and already began at the top of the year! Powerful nights of staged readings, discussions, and poetry events have been added to All-Out Arts’ Festival of works celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQ Community through live performance. All tickets $18 unless otherwise stated and available at OvationTix

Mind the Gap: An Evening of Short Plays: Three one-act plays about bridging gulfs–gulfs between people, and within them.

July 18 at 6:30 pm and July 21 at 7 pm on
The 2018 Fresh Fruit Festival MainStage
The 16th Season at The Wild Project, 195 East 3rd Street

FEATURED ONE ACT: Red and the Wolf – by Ingrid Oslund

A kinky encounter between strangers makes both women question who is predator and who is prey.

Little red riding hood … kinky? Yeah, i guess it can work. But just to be sure, let’s chat with playwright, Ingrid Oslund.

Tell us about yourself as an artist.

26171351_10214525738512586_3704040341000448357_o-2_0 (1).jpgIngrid Oslund is a queer, feminist theater maker with the goal of creating bold, innovative experiences that excite and challenge audiences. As a playwright, director, choreographer and teaching artist in the Boston area, she has worked with many demographics making theater in unique settings, such as an abandoned City Sports and a corporate office mid-construction. With a career that primarily focuses on the development of new plays and radically inclusive interpretations of classic texts, her work has been featured at Short Play NYC, Company One’s PlabLab, The Twin Cities Horror Festival, Seacoast Fringe Festival, Theatre on Fire’s Cabinet of Curiosities, Theater at First and Boston Community Collaborative.


Impressive. So, share with us a little something about your play that we WON’T see in the press release.

While this piece has moments that utilize stereotype, in fact the entire premise relies on the audience understanding the implication of and connection to the story of Little Red Riding Hood, this play is structured this way in order to subvert itself. This play aims to illustrate complicated and complex dynamics that exist between two women, in relation to sex. This play does not grace over the nuances of new sexual relationships where kink must be negotiated. This play also begs the question; What roles are queer women asked to play by our society and what are those limitations and benefits?


NOW you really got my attention. As a fellow queer woman, I’ve formulated such thoughts. With that in mind, how does your play resonate today? Feel free to be blunt. 

This play is about today. It is about how young people communicate, particularly online and how to reconcile those relationships in real life. It is about how queer women form relationships, express their desires and explore themselves in contemporary America. It looks at sex between queer women in a way that I hope resonates as blunt, realistic and an acknowledgment awkwardness with characters who are allowed to be sexual, without being sexualized.


Do you feel that Fresh Fruit is the best venue?

I feel so incredibly honored to have my work featured in a festival that champions the narratives of LGBTQ experiences. As a queer theater maker, it is awesome to be able to create a night of performances with other artists who share similar goals and challenges. I am so proud to be apart of the beautiful, diverse queer community and this festival affirms our identity as both creators and people. This festival is a way to get the people who this show is written for into the theater and have them see themselves in more then one play that evening.


Glad to hear it! Where do you see it going in the future? What’s the next step?  

 This show is an excerpt of a full length piece entitled Red and the Wolf; A Lesbian Werewolf Revenge Tale. The play is still deep into development and changing as it grows, but is a project that I am passionate about as it combines intimate scenes and social commentary with horror imagery, something I would love to see more of onstage.


Final thoughts? 

If you are looking for a play that is unexpected, suspenseful and a little sexy, Red and the Wolf is your show!

I’m sold. See you at the show! 



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