Trans-lating & Trans-porting: One of the Brick’s Trans-leaders chats with Drama-Queens

Screen+Shot+2016-11-25+at+11.34.27+PM.pngKit Yan, a playwright, poet, performer, lyricist, is a Yellow-American, New York based artist, born in Enping, China, and raised in the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Now, THAT’s an Opening!

Kit’s work is “a dreamspace where queer and transgender folx time-travel in order to witness, remember, and heal our herstories,” says one of the leaders of The Brick’s Trans Theatre Festival. “I am a self-taught writer learning my craft by talking story with elders/family/friends, kanikapilas (backyard/beachside jam sessions,) collaborations, and by watching queer/trans/poc art in bars, lounges, poetry readings, subways, sidewalks, living rooms, and secret places where queer artistic magic & power exists.”

This is a REAL Student of Life.

Busy on projects including INTERSTATE: a new musical with Melissa Li; NEXT STEP 2018 Village Theater At the Table residency; MR. TRANSMAN 2018 Trans Lab Fellowship supported by the Women’s Project and the Public Theater, BONUS HOLE 2018 (American Repertory Theater developmental residency), and ANCHOR BABY all the way in 2019, we were luck enough to grab a few seconds to grab a few more brilliant words from this auteur’s mouth and brain.

Kit_3.jpgTell us about yourself as an artist. 

I’m a trans identified artist who centers TGNC queer and poc voices. I love my communities and I love writing about them. 

What is it like being Trans in the 21st Century and in this (…) administration? 
I’ve seen things change a lot since I first shared my trans identities over the past decade, but our folx and specially black and pos trans women of color face disproportionate discrimination in the fight for basic needs like food, shelter, and jobs. 
What the mission of the festival? What should the audience take-away when attending a show? 
The mission of the festival is to create a space for TGNC voices to be heard on our own terms. Our audiences who are a part of this community hopefully will feel seen, uplifted, heard, and inspired to share their own stories. For folx who are outside our of communities we ask that you be respectful witnesses and then advocates for the rights we deserve. 
kityan.jpgThe Trans Community is a powerful one. Am I right? … and why? 
Yes. We are a powerful, talented, strong, and beautiful community of artists, activists, and people who just want to live our best lives on our own terms in a safe world. 
What are your hopes for the Trans Community in the Arts in the future?  
I hope in the future there are more TGNC voices in the arts, that we create a critical mass of voices that are as diverse and gorgeous as our community is. 

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