Class Participation

An Uncommon Core written and performed by Abigail Swetz

Review by Mia MoetaIMG_2171.JPG

The 2018 Fresh Fruit Festival 16th Season, The Wild Project,  195 East 3rd Street

July 11 @ 8:30 pm, July 15 @ 1:30 pm

The Fresh Fruit Festival has a list of engrossing productions going on from July 9 through July 22. One production that I’d recommend going to see – as a school trip or for teachers to see, ironically – is An Uncommon Core written and performed by Abigail Swetz . There are numerous ways to describe this production but one word that comes to mind immediately is “tears.” Just ten minutes into the play and my cheeks are already stained by the never-ending emotion this play solicited in me. This is a one-person performance that slaps the audience with the harsh reality of what students, teachers, and families are facing in this century.

Abigail Swetz provides the most heart-aching production in this festival so far. The shocking truth of what many students see and must go-through as they try to survive and plan for a better future. This play is filled with poems written by Ms. Swetz’ eighth grade class on topics consuming today’s society such as racism, police brutality, homophobic violence, etc. A powerful performance that truly does embody a “sensitivity and raw honesty that will cut you to the quick” and maybe provide hope and inspire change.

Things have changed dramatically for students because of bullying, school shootings and fear.  This is a must see for those wanting to experience the truth from the side of the people most hurt by what is happening today.


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