Future Drama

Half Me Half You 

Written by Liane Grant

(Review by Alexa Garcia)

half me half you (1).jpgThe 2018 Fresh Fruit Festival 16th Season

The Wild Project

195 East 3rd Street

July 11 @ 6 pm

July 12 @ 8 pm

July 14@ 2pm

For 16 years, The Fresh Fruit Festival has produced many powerful and meaningful productions. This year, they present Half Me Half You written by Liane Grant. This is a beautiful and alarming story was directed by Leah Fogo with great power and potency.  This play is about the world we live in now and what it may look like in the future. This piece brings you to a place where one imagines a world where all of history’s hidden discrimination explodes at once!

Once you start to think about the message you realize that you don’t have to imagine anything at all it because it’s already happening!  Fact checking proves that racial discrimination is now on the upswing, a fact this writer can clearly echo!

In this production we get to see the imperfection of America the beautiful from the point of view of those discriminated against also through the eyes of those more privileged. It’s only the fear of death and the unknown that puts mankind on the verge in this play! The actors of this production brought vigor and power to this dark drama, injecting the mixture of emotion and intellect needed for an atmosphere of sorrow mixed with anger and sprinkling just enough humor to provide a moment relieving laughter to the crowd. Wonderful performances were turned in by Jennifer Fouché, Liane Grant, Kalea Williams, and Evelyn Christina Tonn. They presented their work effortlessly and gave starkly real performances.  However, the star of the show was the play, by Liane Grant which serves up as strong message about what could happened if we don’t listen right now to the signs all around us.

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