Some LIP from Jake on Ruby

Our old friend, Jake Lipman, the founder and artistic director behind the clever company, Tongue in Cheek, is preparing for a full season of great works. But first a quick one-nighter at Planet Connections. If it’s just one night, we’d better grab her now.


Why is it, whenever I go to a restaurant, I always get the table next to a crying baby? I would never want one of those… or would I?
By Susan Gross
Directed by Jake Lipman
Presented by Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions
Benefiting Through the Heart

Teatro LATEA @ The Clemente
Monday 7/23 @8:00pm-9:00pm


Ruby tells the story of one woman’s journey of emotions after a miscarriage. It explores how she tries to cope with her grief, body issues and anxiety. Part comedy, part tragedy, it examines how she tries to understand the loss, coupled with her continued desire to have a child, all the while surrounded by women who seem to have it all. But do they?


lipman-jake-5410-ret_orig.jpgTell us about yourself as an artist:
I have been an actor most of my life, and after grad school, I founded my own production company to ensure I am always working on projects I love.
My company, Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions ( produces thought-provoking comedies. I’ve worn many hats for TIC, from actor to playwright to director, and I love all aspects of creating a work from the ground up! 
In studying solo show creation with this amazing teacher, Matt Hoverman, I was blown away by the solo shows my fellow classmates were creating and I started my own solo show festival, Plus 1, which runs during the dark nights of my mainstage shows. In 2017, Susan Gross came to me with her one woman show RUBY and I was so honored to direct it in TIC’s Plus 1 Festival.
We were so excited to be an official PCTF selection this summer and can’t wait for her performance (one night only!) on Monday, July 23 @ 8 PM at the LATEA Theatre!
A little something about RUBY that isn’t in our press release:
Susan Gross, the writer and performer of RUBY, has written a piece about longing to have a child. (I’m producing and directing!)
In filming a trailer of the piece on the Brooklyn promenade, there was a bright red baby carriage behind her. Her husband/videographer managed to get the baby carriage in the background of their shot, but then the parents snatched the baby carriage away. 
In writing this, it doesn’t sound that funny, but it is hilarious to see in the video. It’s as if these strangers were like, “No! Not your baby carriage!”
How does RUBY resonate today?
I think the piece resonates with all kinds of people, even those who don’t want kids, because it’s about hope and loss. We’ve all had dreams that were not fulfilled, and yet we still endeavor to try again.
Why choose Planet?
First of all, I love Planet’s mission to use theater as a tool for advocacy. I have been coming to see PCTF shows for many years now and the team behind the fest is warm, creative, and incredibly inspiring.
Last year, I was lucky enough to produce, direct and act in a show in Planet — BUFFALO HEIGHTS — and we had an amazing experience — great audiences and we were nominated for 4 awards! 
I had directed Susan Gross in her piece RUBY in the fall of 2017, and suggested we submit to Planet this summer, and here we are! We are so excited.
Where do you see RUBY in the future? What’s the next step?
Susan Gross, who wrote and performs RUBY, has plans to turn the script into a film, and we are also looking to take it on the road to other festivals. 
Final thoughts?
I am so excited to catch as many of the other shows as possible in Planet!

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