DQ Spotlight: All Our Love to Sarah Matteucci


All My Love, Kate

By Joe Breen

2018 Fresh Fruit Festival

The Wild Project

195 East 3rd Street

Review by Jade Fernandez

Joe Breen’s production of All My Love, Kate conveys what it’s like to be living in the United States during WWll. Men are dying, women are crying, and in Danny’s case so are the men. Jack, played by Brendan Cataldo and Danny, played by Matt W. Cody have fallen in love and are ready to build their lives together. Jack and Danny couldn’t be happier, that is until WWII began, and the couple found themselves miles and miles apart. While Jack is off fighting overseas, he is forced to deal with the brutality of war, the loss of his best friend, and most importantly keeping his love life alive. The need to stay in love becomes more critical than ever, given the fact that everything just seems to be stacked against the lovely couple. Although the odds of Jack and Danny making it through this difficult time are slim because Jack might not make it out of the war alive, still, both Jack and Danny manage to maintain faith.

Sarah Matteucci, who played Betty, friend and roommate of Jack and Danny had to improvise due to her devilish shoe that got stuck while performing. She kept going and it was even better because of it. She was very funny, and it wasn’t awkward for anyone at all. Betty was one the best characters in this production. All the actors did well and it was a powerful piece to watch. At times the way the actors had to pull in emotions because of that time in history and what was expected made a barrier for me sometimes.  I am much more used to men being able to express themselves and once I got used to the behaviors these actors clearly brought to us from the past I felt really connected to the story and the people.

All My Love, Kate brings the audience through a realistic view of the suffering and heartache that comes with war and being separated from loved ones.

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