A Butterfly’s Wing

18-02-26_Jennifer-Joy-427x640.jpgThe Chaos Theory of Now

By Jennifer Joy

Fresh Fruit Festival

The Wild project

195 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009

Thursday, July 19 at 6:30 pm

Alexa Garcia

This one-man staged reading production demonstrating three different paths the protagonist could’ve taken. The production presents four American women who must learn how to navigate today’s moral and political landscape. The Narrator describes herself as a lesbian science nerd that’s trying to comprehend her family’s Trumpism. She uses Chaos and Complexity Theories to take us through the struggles of an evangelical teacher, a widowed farmer’s wife, a closeted lesbian country singer and her punk Antifa daughter. It’s a powerful story of change and empathy.

The story is written and performed by Jennifer Joy. Joy has done stand-up at comedy clubs in NYC and SF. Not to mention she’s the Artistic Director of the multicultural eco-performance group, The SciArt6. The SciArt6 create performances such as puppet shows on food justice and dance/poetry pieces on the ecological history of Manhattan. The Chaos Theory Of Now is Jennifer Joy’s newest production created in 2017. The Fresh Fruit Festival was able to host this special presentation.

This fine work needs to be seen by many. What Joy was trying to explain about the butterfly effect and the chaos theory was so correct for our time. We don’t realize how many things affect our future – and who we will become. Using the current administration as a cautionary tale, Joy deftly shows us how today’s folly could be tomorrow’s downfall.

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