The Dark Side

girlmirror_icon-300x290 (1).jpgGIRL IN THE MIRROR

Written by Nicoletta Mandriotti

Planet Connections Festivity @The Clemente

107 Suffolk Street, NYC

Review by Amanda Kavaja



This brief dance piece about a woman’s darker side as depicted by a battle between the inner works and that of the daily face was engrossing and – in so many ways – inspiring. The simple-yet-clever dance revolves around a woman and her love for herself and the other “not so nice parts.” Six women in white symbolize the goodness within her and two women wearing black clothing stand behind her … waiting.

Cemre Su Salur displayed utter poise and demonstrated a sense of still strength. Her dancing clearly expressed the way she felt always and she showed us great fear as she began shaking once the two women wearing black told her what she could and could not accomplish. The depth of emotion actually made it difficult to watch her sally through such torture, as the darker characters seemingly got the best of her. But Cemre Su Salur embodied her character with a fortitude to help her weather through. Tatiana Ronderos joined to express the opposing view by evoking Su Salur’s inner child and the innocence left inside. This gave us hope that the bright side would prevail. Tatiana Ronderos was marvelous as the younger version of the character.  Victoria Ric and Antonia-Sophia Scholz were subtle but ominous as the women in black. Representing the evil in her, creating life’s “plot twists.” Melissa Monconduit, Cat Grey, Franlis Rodriguez, Marissa Graham, Charom Seerra, and Carly Pecora, all chanting, humming and physical actions which remained in sync and organized when moving was wonderful to watch.

In the end, Su Salur did a wonderful job of portraying a woman [possibly] at a crossroads accessing her deepest thought to reveal her truest self. This all-woman performance was truly beautiful and apropos in this time when a woman’s identity is – once again – in question. The style of clothing was very chic and simple, revealing the simplicity of non-simplicity. Lighting – a simply use of fades and red gels, had a life of its own and the mesmerizing music was melancholy, moving and dark.  I hope that this dance will be highly recognized and deserves to be seen by many more people. Lovely piece. I was very happy to have attended.

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