Winner at the Poles!

Pole-300x300You Hold a Pole Everyday

Written by Laura Sisskin

Planet Connections Festivity

@The Clemente

107 Suffolk Street


Reviewer: Veronica Romero


You Hold a Pole Everyday was a very energetic, entertaining and relatable show. It brings you to places many find easy to remember like the first time you asked for a training bra when you didn’t need one and many others. It was very amusing, but it also had some deep meaning as well. Sisskin speaks of her sexual abuse and explains how she found comfort in pole dancing. She uses it as an expression of her pain and she makes herself feel better about it, by doing so she teaches others how to embrace themselves and most importantly how their body should be used to express themselves and how to take control of the body and the emotions used.

Laura Sisskin both writer and performer did a wonderful job. I was very impressed. She transitioned from different characters in and out of dancing and singing. She executed all the characters very well and it was a great story and so well orchestrated.

I really loved the meaning behind this play. It helps to make women feel more comfortable in their body embracing it showing how to love it no matter what. The combination of many elements well sewn together made this play what it was…amazing.

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