On the P.A.T.H. of Mary Micari


Art Imitates Life and Life Should Be Savored.

Five Star Arts Journals and Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment will spotlight a series of artists who have devoted themselves to helping people celebrate their lives.

Mary Elizabeth Micari has developed a new method of vocal training that strengthens your voice… and you.

The MCenter Vocal Academy in Manhattan provides focused, entertaining, enriching vocal performance classes & lessons. Each student will receive a full portfolio of audition songs as well as learn the essentials of stage technique, musicianship, music history and theory.

What sets this above others of its kind is the fact that it is ONE-OF-A-KIND. Ms. Micari has created a new teaching method. You’ve tried Stanislavski, you’ve tried Meisner. Now, get on the P.A.T.H.

Performing Arts Training-HOLISTICALLY, created by Mary E. Micari, this method includes meditation, aromatherapy, Reiki, fear-removal and personal empowerment.


For more information, please contact:
MCenterPath@gmail.com • 646-338-5472 • the-M-center.com

Meantime, let’s chat with the founder for a few moments.

38391794_10155338477161567_2364480458244227072_nMary, it’s good to have you back at DQ for an interview. We know about your wildly successful cabaret and your on-going vaudeville series, now tell us about M Center

The M Center was formed way back in 2000. I began teaching at the Jan Hus Playhouse 74th and 1st Ave.  I had a group of women engaged in a work called GAIA (Girl Artists Innovating Art) and it branched out into voice, movement and acting lessons for theater professionals as well as Opera Singers. Genesis Repertory Ensemble was working in that space and  (I was a founder) had both a classical stage division and an operatic division.  We had a large company and that is where I began it all. Later I  opened a little store front studio near my home in Brooklyn and eventually moved that to a large church in my neighborhood where the M Center is now housed. We have different types of people we work with from all age groups.  Right now, I am opening a studio on the Upper West Side where I studied in my youth. 

That’s great. Yes, you’re at a studio that’s frequented by opera professionals and run by a colleague from  your operatic days. Elaborate, tell us about Mary the artist.  

I am a singer and an actress. I am also a bit of a dabbler in composition, sound and music work for sacred meditation and empowerment and a bit of a  writer.

How is your program/school/curriculum different? 

My private lessons are semi-traditional in that I studied and used old techniques with my teachers from the Bel Canto (beautiful singing) technique of Opera which I blend with my first technique, the Stanley method, which centers around proper phonation and the physiology of the voice.  I also teach all genres of music and of singing and believe that every singer can and should sing every type of music. I show students how to place their voice and use it to create different styles safely. I am very much about keeping the voice healthy and working into very old age and very cautious about working with singers who are too young or not fully grown.  Classes are more geared towards performance and songs are treated like monologues that need to be fleshed out and made full. Of course, vocal technique is always in the front of all I do as well.

What do you bring to the table that you might not find in other schools? 

I am not only a singer but also have studied different healing and spiritual techniques that I use in teaching to release fear, open a student’s mind to music, to their potential and to the sacredness in all singing and sound.  I am certified in Sound and Music healing which I use to help students center, release the voice and find characterizations through movement.  I am a Reiki Master (hands on energy healing from Japan) and use that to move blockage in the mind and body.  I am also an herbalist, aromatherapist and Bach flower healer.  I can show singers how to prevent illness and use plants to heal from illness as well as add strength and power to their body, mind and spirit. I use meditation techniques as well. I am also very well versed in the physiology of the body as it pertains to sound production. 

I remember the play at 13th Street and thought that was innovative.  You include a performance at the end. Is that usual? Is yours unusual somehow?  

We always get singers up in front of an audience as often as possible.  I think some schools to this but for me this is the reason to take a class and show the world what you can do. We offer video and photographs to students after shows and presentations and also have a full press service getting their names on the internet, in articles and reviews. My school is a great place to get ready for a big career in the theater, cabaret, auditions and more.

Maybe I’ll come by for a lesson. Thanks, Mary! 


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