Lindsy … leave off the A for actress!

Jail time never was this much fun! Based a true stories, Jeffrey Milstein, a prolific author both in NYC and regionally, “lampooning to the tooning of Brooks, Reiner, and Simon” in telling the story of a low-level prison in the famed military installation … and then sets the whole things to music!

We spoke with several of the actors from the production and discovered that many are making a debut of sorts.

We received this letter from Lindsy Thomas from the company. Welcome to New York Lindsy! You’ll be great … You already have a stage name!



My name’s Lindsy. This is the first production I’ve been cast in in the city.

In this production of Fort Dicks, I play a few different characters that help make up the ensemble. A little bit about myself; I grew up as a competitive dancer training in pretty much all  basic styles of dance. After graduating high school I moved to New York to go to the conservatory at AMDA for their integrated program.

I play Judge Flashner, Nurse Ratshit, Medic #2, The Harpo Marx Mirror counter part, Swat CO, and various ensemble musical accompanists. The ensemble plays the part of creating the many different characters and personalities of the prison staff and the other inmates. We build the world of what Jefferey experienced and to tell that kind of a story with comedy has been really fun to get to play with.

Independent theater, speaking from the point of view of a young actor, allows you to be able to experiment and build a show from the ground up. You get to be a apart of the process from beginning to end and you have more freedom for suggestion. In this cast at least I feel we’ve had a lot of ability to make creative choices that have shaped our scenes. With that though also comes with learning how to work with people who have different experiences levels and training which you do experience in school but it’s different being all in the same training program as opposed to a more professional setting. It’s been an exciting


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