Morgan Zipf-Meister is proud to be a Brute!

After a powerful run at Planet Connections 2018 Theatre Festivity, spit&vigor revives THE BRUTES, a gripping piece of history and drama written by Casey Wimpee. The new production will be at the New Ohio Theatre, 154 Christopher Street. If that address rings a bell, it is the old haunt of the legendary Wings Theatre, now in another pair of capable hands.

Sara Fellini stages THE BRUTES in-the-round with a minimalist set pieces that transforms into a theatre, a dinner table, and a nation on the brink of sweeping change. Civil strife, family devolution, and a country sharply divided – 150 years ago or right now – the parable of this drama remains strong. We get a tour of the backstage (literally) goings-on of an historic performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar featuring the renowned Booth theatrical family – brothers, Edwin, Junius Jr. and John Wilkes, Booth. There’s another familiar name. Performances are November 23 — December 9 (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 3 pm). Tickets are $30. For reservations, please visit


Morgan Zipf-Meister.jpeg

Morgan Zipf-Meister is a brute in -well- The Brutes. When she is not one of a cry of players, she multi-tasks as a technician. Drama-Queens is always thrilled to meet multi-talented female artists

I’m an actor and lighting designer, I play one of the Brutes, kind of a menacing/magical presence throughout the play – who also ground the Booth family in the outside world and give them a sense of context.  It’s exciting to explore how this one small piece of the play can be so many different things.  I’ve been working in Indie Theater for over a decade and have worn a variety of hats over the years. I love the human element of the theater, collaborating with other artists to make something bigger than you could’ve done on your own, and being able to share that work with an audience who is in the room with you.        
[Independent Theater is] equally infuriating and rewarding, but above all else the act of sharing stories with other humans in a room, a communal space is incredibly valuable in times when we struggle to see the humanity in others. I am incredibly privileged that I can do this and will continue to do whatever I can so that the indie theater remains a place where all stories and voices can be represented, heard, and shared.

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