Rebecca Benedict at Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

The intimate space of the Cherry Lane theater was quiet and serious while ushers waved us to open seating. Inside it felt crammed and as I watched one of the prisoners work out in one spot while chained to a wall, breathlessly sweating away, the tension was quietly heightened. I was unprepared to go where I was about to be taken.

I have never been, kidnapped, imprisoned nor have I been subject to endless days and hours without my freedom. I have never needed to cling to the sanity or imagination of another human to keep from loosing my own. When patience and mental creativity are all you have to keep you from loosing control you are left with one of the deepest examinations of humanity while every moment you wait for an outcome that may in fact never arrive.

Animus_11142018-29 (4).jpgMichael Broadhurst, Jonathan Judge-Russo and Leif Steinert, lock us in their cell with them and for three hours and we are taken on their powerful journey of loss and desperation for love and friendship in the face of utter uncertainty.

Animus_11142018-19 (1).jpgSo many lessons surfaced from these gifted actors about the strength the human connection can have in the darkest moments.

Animus_11142018-23.jpg It brought to light individual significance and its meaning for us as living beings when we are alive but cannot be witnessed by another.

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