Rebecca Benedict at “Two Faces One Mirror”

2 faces

“Two Faces, One Mirror” began heavy and intense exposing a mother and daughter’s personal wounded relationship.

It was visceral and full of truth.

The acting was so connecting and emotional thanks both to the actors and the outstanding writing.

The warmth and love of the cast and crew was so strongly experienced in all of the scene changing and timing hiccups that came up during the show, nobody ever let the audience fall on their face.


Actors came out and did stand up to help pass time and the director even did some magic for us!  And while I laughed and enjoyed myself, unfortunately with such a heavy and dramatic subject matter it took us all far from the story mid scene and the impact of the end was understood but lost its emotional bang.

Sadly I have to say the show did not seem ready for the Audience and came across as though we were at a more of a friends and family preview. There was a Q&A at the end and we learned there would be a part two to the story, which I am excited to hear about because this story deserves a solid end and deeper character exploration for both the mother and daughter characters. This has some very good bones and once fleshed out, it will also have solid impressive potential when the subject of the play itself is allowed to live and breath for all of the dramatic weight that it holds. I love what this story strives to be and it seems like it is in good hands if its not rushed. I look forward to seeing the final product in the future!

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