Women of the Arts 2019

Jessie Fahay is a real renaissance woman!

maxresdefault (3)Founding Executive Director, Jessie’s love for theatre, philanthropy, and ethical business practices.

She grew up with a love for viewing visceral theatre productions that move audiences along with the philosophy that “We are here to create and contribute. Not Compete.” -Robert Anthony.

Her accomplishments range from being a published author and playwright, attaining an MBA, and winning the New Jersey Governor’s award for one of her original written works. After graduating from Marymount Manhattan with a BA in Theatre and Production Management, she spent years acting in New York with numerous touring and not-for-profit theatre companies along with being cast in several television/film roles.

b8.jpgAt the helm of Ripple Effect Artists, Fahay – since 2009 – is a virtual one-woman band as lead-producer, webmaster, marketing executive, and more-than occasionally performing.

She is the author of the popular, “What Method? The Different Ways an Actor Can Train.”

But in the end, her main goal is to open the door to young and emerging artsiosts so they can create their own … Ripple Effect.

Ripple Effect Artists invite you to a special Earth Day celebration at the opulent Triad Theater on Easter night: EARTH DAY CABARET! Special event, Sunday evening, April 21, 2019 @ 6:00 – 7:30 pm at The Triad, 158 W 72nd St, New York City.

Special performances by notates from on and off Broadway: Dylan Adams, Jessie Fahay, Rance W Wright, and interfaith minister and artist, Sandra Bargman.

b38.jpgTell us about yourself as an artist?

As an artist, I am someone who is always up for challenging myself and leaving my comfort zone.  Transformation is what I find so important and moving in any artistry and I strive to have myself transform with every role I take on.  I also have done this as a writer and singer.  (Side note—making audiences laugh has always been quite important to me).  It is always about marrying mind, body, and voice to bring about technical excellence along with inner truth.   

Tell us about Ripple Effect?

b65.jpgI began this company along with Jessica Jennings after I participated in a weekend long course (at a place called Landmark Worldwide) and got that I wanted to create theatfr that made an impact along with theatre artists with whom I trust and love to collaborate.  I had no idea how to produce or begin a 501c3 or fundraise or anything!   And I just started and kept being willing to fail and kept stating where I wanted the company to go.   And now, 10 years and 10 shows, five concerts, many fundraising events, and two international teaching trips later (along with other programming), here we are!   I love that we create partnerships with Human Rights Leaders and have them speak at our shows.   It can and does in deed cause a Ripple Effect….

You’re a world traveler so share with us what are the theater arts from around the world.    


Traveling and studying Theatre around that world hasn’t made a huge difference for myself as an actor/singer and for the company.   My studies in Russia at the Moscow Art Theater School taught me about cohesive ensemble and how to bring that to a company.   My Masters in the UK has shown me such practical and useful ways to bring body and vocal techniques to any performances along with really thorough text analysis.  In general, learning about as many cultures as possible while traveling is key to understanding how stories are put together and how historical/cultural context can shape every aspect of a script.  

Tell us about the cabaret?


I am so excited for this cabaret!   These singers are fantastic and such professionals.  They are all singing poignant songs that will give the audience chills as well as make us think about this topic. 

Is Global warming a cause-celeb for you?

Global Warming is a major topic for me because it IS something we are dealing with right now.  The up-rise of disastrous storms cannot be ignored.  Many are dying and suffering due to the fact that we do not have infrastructure to support such disasters.  

It’s right in the middle of the holiday season … was that to give it more “spirituality?”    

Yes!   And to create a fun activity after Afternoon Easter celebrations. 

You are an author as well?

Yes!  My book is titled “What Method? The Different Ways an Actor Can Train.”   


What’s next for the company … and for you, if they’re not connected.

I am out to enhance my own Acting career and hitting the audition circuit soon!   The company is producing 2071: The World We Will Leave Our Grandchildren”  in August at the Episcopal Actors Guild Theater.  

Here’s the BIG question … What’s it like being a woman running an arts company in NYC in the 21st century? 

At times it is quite inspiring because I have made some wonderful connections with other effective female producers and directors and have had them be my mentors.   Watching how they grew as business women through the 80s/90s and beyond has taught me fortitude and tenacity as well as the ability to make requests when needed and stand my ground when it comes to a specific vision.   

I still am sometimes spoken to as though I am not the “real deal” and at times I have to remind people of the fact that I have done my due diligence (and have an MBA).   I think this may be due to my age as well as my gender.  However, we are in an exciting time.  These last 10 years have proven that people of my generation (the older end of millennials who grew up in the 90s) can create startups and new businesses and new concepts FOR businesses at a young age.  Having a career that we design has become a priority.   I know many young women such as myself who have begun charities and businesses of their own and there are great resources for them.   It is a matter of charities and companies growing together and creating partnerships that will have all missions thrive.  In other words, we gotta stick together.


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